Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday's Hummers

I've had a couple of male Anna's this past week, but have not managed any photos of them.

Lots of rain this week, lots of sulking birds!

I try to take the feeders in each week, clean them, and put out fresh nectar. 

The birds have been using the feeders as cold rainy weather makes it much harder to find insects to eat. 

I'd love to figure out where one of these beauties builds a nest this spring.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday's Critters

I'm a bit embarrassed - I have next to nothing to share today.

Just one gray squirrel...

...and one doe.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday's Feathered Fancies

Design - "Snow Gazer" (kit)
Designer - Heart in Hand
Fabric - 32 count Clay Belfast
Fibers - GAST
Started - 21 December 2010
Completed - 24 December 2010

Snowball fight anyone?

The woodpeckers have felt a bit left out with all my focus on the 
Yellow-rumped Warbler this month.

So as a reward for my inattention, when I did look out and up Monday afternoon, it was to see a Red-breasted Sapsucker at work.

Here's a closer look...

...and closer still.  
I think the bird is watching me watch it. 

Pretty obvious as to why it is named Red-breasted.

Sapsucker are the one area woodpecker where the males and females look the same.

Carry on!

The male Hairy continues to show up.  

I spied a male Acorn Woodpecker on a young pine tree.

He was there for a while before flying to the peanut feeder.

Here he is!  I did see the female Acorn Woodpecker, but did not manage any photos of her.

And I'll end with a photo of a fat male Northern Flicker.
The Downy Woodpeckers and Pileated Woodpeckers were AWOL. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday's Reveal

Here's what I'm currently working on - Barbara Ana Designs - "It is Snowing Somewhere".  The sentiment is spot on, as it is not snowing here, but is snowing in unusual places like Mississippi!

Did anyone take a stab at IDing this bit of flotsam?
I think it is a Mallard feather and here's why... 

On Tuesday I was surprised to see a pair of Mallards quietly swimming about the Quarry Pond.

Looks to me as though they've paired up already. 

He is a rather handsome fellow...

...and protective - leading the way.

I'll check back in a week or so and see what's up.
The trail camera and beaver traps are all gone by the way.

Here's what the beaver construction project in the Big Creek.
I think it is at a stand-still which does not bode well for the beavers.  

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Walking on a Warm Wednesday

It's supposed to be 64f today- crazy warm weather for mid-January!
No excuses then, let's go outside.

The rose hips proved a pop of color.

Rose hips and raindrops.
That should be the title of a poem.

And look!  The pussy willows have begun to set buds!

Licorice fern.

The littlest of the creeks is rushing along full to the brim.

Mosses and lichens on a fence post.

Cladonia bellidiflora Toy Soldiers' Lichen

The forest is mossy and damp.


I saw this floating on the Quarry pond.
Any ideas?  The answer will be revealed tomorrow.


Tall grasses along the bank of the Big Creek.

This plant stumps me - I should know what it is...

Dorothy's Creek.

Hazel brush

A young pine.

Whew!  I'm tired - time to sit down and have a drink of water!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Getting Ready for a New Stitch

Design - Snowman Ornament
Chart - "Let it Snow"
Designer - Val's Stitchin' Stuff
Fabric - 25 count Navy Lugana
Fibers - GAST - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 22 November 2010
Completed - 22 November 2010

I am getting the floss and linen ready for a new stitch, in the meantime, here's a look back at a one day project.

Many former bloggers have turned to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media.  I do appreciate those folks who continue to blog.  I recently found a new blogger, Meg at Live to Stitch.  If you have a moment, you might stop on by and say hello.   

Most of our mornings start out quite foggy.  It makes for dull blurry photos, but I thought I would share this Robin with those of you dealing with snow and arctic cold. 

15 days in a row now!

My Yellow-rumped Warbler has shown up morning and afternoon for 15 days in a row.

He's pretty talkative, so I generally hear him and go get some bark butter for him to eat. 

Yellow atop his head, his chin, below his wings... 

...and on his rump.

I am guessing that he is a solitary bird.  I have no sense that there are
any other warblers out there.

He certainly has been a spot of color during a dull gray month.

The Juncos are another story - I see more than a dozen birds daily. 

They too are big fans of bark butter as well as black oil sunflower seeds.

Cornell University has several bird cameras that are well worth watching.
One is up in Ontario, Canada, and another in Ithica, NY.  But it is the camera in El Valle de Antón, Panama, Central America to which I've become addicted. As best I can tell the country is on the Eastern Time Zone.  The fruit eating birds are amazing. And there are squirrels!  For some reason it is weird to see squirrels in Central America.